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the very first flash movie i ever saw on newgrounds back in 2005, around june or july i think. my cousins came over and asked me if i heard of newgrounds or youtube.
Kirby is a Gangster was the very first thing i ever saw on newgrounds and it still doesn't get old

5 years later
we get another cliffhanger
goddammit dude...
if it wasn't for the fact that i actually stuck by for the sake of seeing how this would end i would be long gone

this was epic funny

dont listen to game-dude he fails

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currently in the middle of the match, which has been going on for the past hour.
all i can say is, fix the RNG...BIG TIME
everytime i get close to being able to win i either fail a pin, she manages to pin me. or just punches me and makes me have to wait
Waiting should not lower Arousal as much as it does. it should be a small amount like 4-5
while it recovers your fatigue by 7-11 points
stats need to be retooled, since there's no HP the stats should be Fatigue, arousal, and special. Fatigue stat should affect how much fatigue you need to be tired
arousal should affect how quickly your arousal builds up, as well as how many points it goes up when you do arousal attacks.
the enemy should either have a set pattern or have a better AI to dictate its actions. because at this point the game is 100% luck based and i feel going after that ending isn't worth it at this point.
i'm giving this only 2.5 stars because i love the premise of the game and the story. it's just it needs fixing in a lot of places

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i'm a sucker for rng games, you never know what could happen
especially when the game maker takes extra time to write in a bunch of scenarios that occur during the main ones, like finding a group in zombies. or a missile being launched.
or even something as mundane as twisting your ankle and falling into a surplus of food.
i love this game, it tickles my rng bone in ways that confuse and please me

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This game has a lot of potential, but it needs some improvement with the UI and other tidbits to truly make it shine.
The catching system: i like it, but if you add an option or additional key press to use a pokeball to catch a low health pokemon that would make it less rng based. just for when this game really takes off.
Map: one of the upper corners could house this, just so it's easier to navigate the world
Evolution: at least try to get this implemented to where you can evolve your party rather than have to find a replacement for it because it can't keep up
Bottom of screen: with some cleaning you might be able to resize it so it takes up less room and still has legible text so we know what we are doing.
i don't expect any of these to appear overnight, and in fact i won't expect them in any near future update. but if you do update this game (and i sincerely hope that you do) that you try to add these to it, and expand on the story as well.
2.5/5 the potential is there, but needs some more meat on its bones to truly shine

OrangePylon responds:

Thank you, those are some neat suggestions. I really did set out to create a basis for what a real-time Pokémon game would be like, and if Nintendo were ever to officially expand on it, those features would be awesome (a pause menu to house a map would be my most-wanted feature). Thanks for the review.

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Burn7 used awesome remix

it's super effective

Burn7 responds:

Newgrounds fainted!

You've gained 69 exp. points!

Freakin Awesom

one of the best Zelda remixes i have ever heard dude, if i could
1,000,000/10 stars

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude! That's way cool to hear that it's one of the best you've ever heard, thanks a ton for the review!


this is some sick stuff man. beautiful work. good job.

ducksuck responds:

thanks man. means alot

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